Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church
Courtesy of Del Himsel

Bethel Church Artifacts
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The Bethel Methodist Espiscopal Church was located in Madison Township near Ireland on SR 56 about 1/3 mile southeast of Bethel Cemeterythe Petersburg Road.

In Goodspeed Brothers History of Pike & Dubois Counties of 1885, it is stated that the church was built about the year 1870 for $1200 dollars.

At one time Bethel had many members. Not much history was found on Bethel
. However, a 1904 program shows Bethel and Lemmons Churches shared a pastor, Rev. E. J. Bowling. The church closed in 1907.

The Bethel Cemetery is cared for by Boone Township officials,  and  is in good condition after a restoration in 2011

In 1919 the church building was torn down and the lumber was hauled to Cuzco to be used in the church that was to be rebuilt there.

Horses were used to pull the wagons loaded with lumber over land to their destination on top of a steep hill in Cuzco
. During the process of tearing down the church, a camp was set up and it took several weeks to complete the removal.

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