Butler Cemetery
Martin County, Indiana

Butler Cemetery Martin County, IndianaButler Cemetery Martin County, IndianaButler Cemetery Martin County, Indiana
Photos by Charlie Tredway. Click image to enlarge.

Cemetery is located off Rusk Road, approximately 4 miles from the intersection of Rusk Road and US 150, between Shoals and West Baden Springs, and approximately 1/4 mile south of the Lost River Bridge. Lat 38.594198  Long -86.755973. The cemetery is easily accessed, but is on private property, and permission is required. Read and photographed May 22, 2009 by  Charlie Tredway.  Previous transcriptions were referenced in an attempt to present as complete a list of burials as possible.  In addition to the 108 burials listed here, there are about 17 illegible markers or marker remnants.  The earliest burial I saw was 3 day old Susannah Walker, 11/16/1844.

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Last NameFirst Name BornDiedOtherPhoto
AllbrightThomas  Sept 1923Age 20  (No legible marker)N/A
AllenEdward P10/9/188111/15/1883   
BrownCecil P1/12/19005/9/1900Son of J E & R A
ButlerAlbert6/19/19259/9/1996US  Army Korea
ButlerAlfred G18761955 
ButlerClaence A19111986US Army Air Corps WW II
ButlerCleta A2/14/190911/15/1962US Forces Pacific WW II
ButlerDavid       6y 10m Son of T & S
ButlerElsie Mae2/12/19381/28/1994Dau of Viola & Roscoe
ButlerHenryFrom Donna Gaglianol 8/9/1846Son of T & S
ButlerHenry Lloyd Rev1/15/191212/28/1992 
Butler Isham G W    10/11/185720 d Son of H & M A
ButlerJames    2/5/1866Son of H & M A
ButlerJoel G18754/24/1941 
ButlerJohn Garfield18784/20/194163y 4dN/A
ButlerJohn Howard19281928Son of J & E Butler
ButlerLeonard  12/10/1841Son of T & S Butler
ButlerLois Irene1/14/1923   
ButlerMary  7/301 d Dau of H & M A
ButlerMary A12/6/18355/4/1871Wife of Hiram Butler
ButlerMinnie Viola10/22/1922   
ButlerRachel    5/1/18778y 7m 9d Dau of J & S A Butler
ButlerRobert L1920    1920Son of J & E Butler
ButlerRussel H4/30/19198/16/1945Pvt US Army WW II
ButlerSamuel Roscoe3/1/191510/3/1994US Navy WW II
ButlerSusan A    4/10/187710y 5m 8d Dau of J & S A Butler
ButlerSarah Qualkenbush11/4/18398/6/1918Married to John Butler 3/6/1861
ButlerSusannah    8/26/188979y 9m 1d Wife of T Butler
ButlerThomas    5/6/1860Age 16d Son of H & M A Butler
ButlerThomas  Rev  3/24/188691y 2d  
ButlerTommy    4/16/1896  N/A
ButlerWillard Armon19211922   
DyeThelma R19201976 
EmmonsCordie  9/26/1906Grave unmarkedN/A
EmmonsDella  9/8/1901Grave unmarkedN/A
EmmonsOral R4/26/18972/15/1975 
EmmonsStella  9/17/1901Grave unmarkedN/A
EmmonsWm Mitchell  4/22/1939Grave unmarkedN/A
ErvinImogene Rose19211922 
EvansCharles L19221922 
EvansFlossie M19071928 
GrishamMaria  5/7/1912Grave unmarked More
GrishamJames M  2/23/1913Grave unmarked  More
HarnerMarie M10/17/191411/30/1916Dau of L R & Alma A
HatfieldHerman E9/17/19219/16/1991US Army WW II
HatfieldHerman Lee8/10/19537/8/1999 
HatfieldRuby I7/10/1923     
McDonaldCornelius N18291892 
McDonaldCynthia J18681868 
McDonaldIda A18661868 
McDonaldJ Benton18691957 
McDonaldLily A18371923 
McDonaldMary M18611880 
McDonaldMelinda M19871898 
McDonaldFlora C18601885 
McDonaldWillie H18721881 
MurrayEmma M1/21/19008/13/1969 
MurrayMinnie McDonald10/31/18642/14/1899Grave unmarkedN/A
MurrayRuth  1921 
MurrayVictor V11/3/189811/4/1973 
MurrayWilliam C10/26/19263/15/1995US Army WW II
ProbascoLuther M5/19/19103/9/1988US Nave WW II
ProbascoMargaret E1/29/1917   
QuakenbushSamuel W18901958 
SpurgeonClarence    7/13/19157m Son of Frank & MaryN/A
SpurgeonEdward Leo    2/3/19253w 2d
SpurgeonFrancis M8/4/18934/25/1952 
StreetGeorge W7/14/19205/5/1994US Army WW II
StreetGeorgie L    6/9/1973 
StreetMary M19241972 
StreetTony G19471975US Army Veteran
TinkleDaniel B7/21/184612/23/1940 
TinkleGeorge D18731946 
WaggonerGeorge G18581946 
WaggonerNancy A18571920 
WaggonerMargaret A 5/17/1864Dau of W & G D Waggoner 6d 
WalkerHenry S  1/9/18655m 6d Son of A & M Walker`
WalkerSusannah  11/6/1844Aged 3d
WalkerThomas  10/15/185434y 11m 11d
WiningerEzekiel18341925Husband of Margaret A
WiningerHannah  8/20/18679m 9d Dau of E & R Wininger
WiningerInfant5/18/18995/18/1899Dau of Henry & Isola Wininger
WiningerInfant5/24/1831  5/24/1831 Son of E  & M A Winigner
Wininger  Infant   5/24/1891 Son of E & M A Wininger
WiningerJacob  10/21/18601/2/1889Son of E & R WiningerN/A
WiningerJosephine  9/21/1881Dau of E & M A Wininger
WiningerMargaret A18531925Wife of Ezekiel Wininger
WiningerMary A  4/8/1864Wife of E Wininger
WiningerNancy Ann9/11/18719/22/1889Dau of E & R Wininger
WiningerRachel  2/13/187830y 11m Wife of Ezekiel Wininger
WiningerRosa  9/29/1881Grave unmarkedN/A
WiningerThomas  5/18/1868Son of E & M A WiningerN/A
WiningerZenus M9.10.19009/18/1901Son of  E H & N A Wininger
WoodallHerbert4/8/19155/10/1915Son of Martin & Ella WoodallN/A