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Daniel Nicholson was married first to Rhoda Potts, who apparently died before 1880. He married Mary (MCCune) Kesterson 9/13/1880.
Mary McCune was a daughter of Thomas and Lucinda (Parsons) McCune. She married John T. Kesterson 10/29/1869, who died sometime before 1880.
John T and Mary Kesterson had three children. Samuel, born 9/28/1870, Thomas, born 2/25/1873, and Lucinda, born 7/22/1875, died 12/12/1875, place of burial unknown. Thomas died 4/9/1901, and is also buried in Burton Cemetery. Daniel and Mary Nicholson had 5 children. A daughter, Mary L, is also buried in Burton Cemetery.
Daniel Nicholson was murdered by his stepson, Samuel Kesterson, 6/12/1889, for reasons unknown. Samuel was sentenced to prison, and escaped twice. He was recaptured quickly the first time, but his second escape was successful. There is an unsubstantiated story that Samuel fled to Illinois, where he married again, and had children. The story goes on to say that he was involved in yet another killing, but was acquitted.
Mary Nicholson died 9/30/1934, and is buried at Ames Chapel Cemetery in Orange County. She never remarried.
Mary (McCune) Kesterson-Nicholson was my maternal grandmother's sister.  Charlie