Alexander Cemetery
Located on CR 490 W, just north of Stewart Road. Permission required.

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Read and photographed August 2, 2010 by Charlie Tredway.
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Last Name First Name Born Died Other Photo
Alexander Charlotte   3/17/1856 Wife of I Alexander (77y)  
Alexander Isaac  2/24/1782 12/27/1851    
Alexander Nancy E   Oct 1843 Age 8y  
Alexander Eliza A   Oct 1842 Consort of A Alexander Age 19y 8m  
Alexander Charlotte   Dec 1835 Age 16y  
Alexander Thomas   Nov 1835 Age 20y  
Alexander Ashberry 9/8/1812 12/7/1876 Aged 64y 2m 29d  
Alexander Nancy C   8/10/1858 Consort of (Ashbury) Alexander 46y 8m 1d  
Alexander Joanna   12/5/1866 Daughter of A & M E Alexander 5y 2m 1d  
Alexander Thomas A 11/28/1859 2/22/1879 Son of A & M E Alexander  
Alexander Ashbery (6/21/1874)  6/29/1874 Son of I & C Alexander Aged 8 days  
Alexander Oma M 2/1/1884 4/5/1884 Child of I & C Alexander  
Alexander Oliver T 10/28/1880 6/27/1887 Child of I & C Alexander  
Alexander Mary A  9/15/1893 9/7/1894 Child of I & C Alexander  
Cook T S  1824 1896  Leut. CO H 7th KY Inf  
Cook Mary E 4/27/1838 8/11/1905    
Dillon Brittania 1/3/1806 5/25/1889 Wife of John A Norman Aged 83y 5m 22d  
Dillon Zachariah 1802 1849    
Dillon Nancy   1859    
(Dillon) (Sarah)      (Daughter of Zachariah & Nancy Dillon) N/A
Dillon Taylor 2/9/1848 2/24/1908    
Haskins Polly Russell   1/10/1899    
Haskins William   3/4/1893    
(Johnson) Infant       (Daughter of T C & Sally Johnson)  N/A
(Johnson) Infant       (Daughter of T C & Sally Johnson)  N/A
Lewis John W   7/4/1843    
Lewis Louisa    (2/17/1840) Wife of J W Lewis  
Norman Mary C   11/1/1882 Daughter of JP & H Norman Aged 17y 2m 23d  
Norman Louisa A 10/31/1867 1/9/1872 Daughter of JP & H Norman  
Norman Infant 1/30/1877 1/30/1877 Daughter of JP & H Norman  
Norman Louisa A 10/11/1842 4/5/1862 Daughter of John A & B Norman  
Norman Isaac A 7/24/1832 10/18/1864 Aged 32y 2m 4d  
Norman Samuel S 10/17/1855 1/20/1860 Child of JA  & MF Norman  
Norman Volney O 12/13/1857 1/21/1860 Child of JA  & MF Norman  
Norman Ashbury A   10/10/1857 Son of JA & B  Norman  Aged 1y 4m 8d  
Norman Charlotte 5/3/1834 3/31/1855 Daughter of John A & Brittania (20y 8m 28d)  
Norman Samuel D   11/28/1853 Son of JA & Brittania Nornam Aged 9y 3m 1d  
Norman John A 5/13/1809 6/29/1849 Aged 40y 1m 6d  
(Radke)  (Kathrin Alatha) (1914)   (1915)      N/A