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September 18, 1884 Indianapolis News
State News

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Two barns of Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, In the northern edge of Delaware County, were burned yesterday morning, fired by an incendiary. Loss, $3,000. Insurance in the Continental Insurance Company for 1,000. the cooking stove.

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COWAN, IND. SEPT 26, (1905?)--The reunion of the Kiger family at Charles M. Kigers of Cowan was a grand success. About sixty guests were present.All enjoyed the contents of a well-filled table, but especially enjoyed the music and declamations which followed.  Among those present were:John Poland, Agnes Willie, Roy and George Poland, Stafford Perdiue, wife and daughter, Charlotte. John Jones, wife and children; Julia Peridue, Pearl Davenport, Mrs. John Harold, Mrs Orville Harold of Muncie. William Driscoll and wife, Rev A.J. Kiger and wife of Selma, Mrs Mae Heath and family; Mrs Christ Seplogle and daughter, Mrs Charles Springer, Mrs Sue Brown, Mrs Philip Turner, Mrs Euphaina Reynolds; John Kiger and family, Orville Kiger and wife; Alton O., Eliza Kiger, Mrs Mary Losh, Edna Losh and Lloyd Losh, Uncle Elisha and Aunt Polly DeWitt, Mrs Nolum of Ohio, B.F. Harold and wife, Mrs Dan Nixon, Mrs John Reed and daughter of Farmland. William Driscoll presented Charles Kiger with an eleven pound carp which he caught Wenesday evening.  It was still alive when presented and was curiosty to many who had never seen a large carp.The fifth annual reunion will be held at Mae heath's on the last Thursday of September ???(torn on bottom and unreadable)


Contributed by Shirley Floden

Willard B. VanMaire, of Daleville, was name executor yesterday of the will of the
late Rev. Anda G. Kiger, who died February 10. The estate is valued at $10,000.
George R Jewett and the late Donald D Hensel witnessed the execution of the will
on February 35, 1935.  It provided for payment of debts and distributed the
residue between four sons, a daughter and two grandchildren. Two of the sons
have since died and their heirs will inherit their shares.


Appeared in paper - January 28, 1932
Transcribed & Contributed by Cathy Marie (Kern) Davis
Document One of Most Concise Ever Filed Here

The will of John W. Mansfield, former county clerk and later a deputy clerk, who in his official capacity had extended over a period of approximately a quarter of a century, had to do with the recording of wills admitted to probate, made his last will and testament one of the most concise that has ever been admitted to record in the Delaware Circuit Court.  Mr. Mansfield died January 20, four days after he was stricken with apoplexy at his desk in the Circuit Court room.

All of the holdings of the aged county official are bequeathed to his widow, in which will he says:  "I, John W. Mansfield, give, devise and bequeath all my property of every kind and description to Phoebe A. Mansfield."

The will was drawn on July 18, 1929---the day that Mr. Mansfield returned to his work after several days’ illness---when he announced his determination to provide for the disposition of his property and asked that his will, which he then dictated, be witnessed by Mrs. Mable B. Ringo and Miss Bertha Arbogast, both serving at that time as deputy clerks.

The widow was named yesterday as executrix.  The estate’s valuation was listed at $7,500.


Transcribed & Contributed by Cathy Marie (Kern) Davis
Passing Leaves Vacancy

"He was a good citizen, a kind and loving husband and father.  His passing will leave a vacancy in this community and his beneficient influence will be felt during the years to come."

"This memorial is presented in loving remembrance of "Uncle John", and we recommend that a copy of this memorial be spread upon the order books of the Delaware Circuit Court, and that a copy of the same to furnished to the family of the deceased.

Tuesday March 27, 1934
Mrs Charles Wicks will be hostess to members of the C C Club
at the home of  Mrs J Kittsmiller, 1003 South Jefferson Street,
this afternoon. Guest are invited.
Tuesday March 27, 1934
Members of the T N B Club will be entertained this afternoon instead
of this evening, by Mrs Earl Young at the pig stand at 2 o'clock.
Tuesday March 27, 1934
Jess Ward and daughter, Mary Anne of Maumee, Ohio will arrive
today to visit with Mr Wards mother, Mrs Clarence Carmichael.

Tuesday March 27, 1934

Mrs Paul Swank will entertain the members of the C S Club and
their friends this afternoon at her home 1417 East Seymour Street.
Tuesday March 27, 1934
The Kill Kare Club will be entertained tomorrow afternoon by
Mrs R M Sanders at her home 577 Wilson Avenue.
Tuesday March 27, 1934
Mrs Lincoln Losh (or Lesh) of West Charles Street has returned
home after having spent several weeks in Miami, Fla.

Tuesday March 27, 1934

The All Star Club will meet tomorrow afternoon at the home of
Mrs George F Silence, 806 East Charles Street.
Message Circles
Tuesday March 27, 1934
Mrs Carroll, of St Louis will conduct a light message circle at
the home of Mrs C H Ricks, 432 South Proud Street, at 8 o'clock
tonight Mrs Writtennour of Portland, Oregon and Mrs Moller will assist.
Economics Clubs
Tuesday March 27, 1934
The happy homemakers club of Mt Pleasant Township entertained members and families at a meeting Friday night in the auditorium of Yorktown High School. A one act play, " The Quilting Party" was presented by members of the club and a minstrel show was staged by Mrs Cora Bishop, Mrs Beulah Stephenson, Mrs Lela Newman, Mrs Bessie Rank, Miss Mable Owens and Mrs Ethel Fadely. Julia Fadely gave several readings and a muscial program was given by Mr and Mrs Bert Shaw and Miss Race. Refreshments were served to 95 guests.
Eagles Memorial Services Tonight
Tuesday March 27, 1934
Memorial Services for Twenty-eight deceased members of the local Eagles Lodge who died during the past year will be held tonight in the lodge rooms on South High street. Clarence E Benadum, attorney will deliver the eulogy. An appropriate musical program will be given by the Hickman Trio and Mildred Cecil, soloist. The names of the Twenty-eight deceased members will be read by Ross Dowden, secretary of the lodge.

Names from the Mary-Martha Club (Women’s club out of Muncie 1898 -99)

Member’s  Mrs. Elizabeth M. Burtt....Selma
Mrs. Lizzie M. Burtt
Mrs. Margaret M. Bailey
Mrs. Emma J. Cecil
Mrs.Carrie K. Cecil
Mrs. Daisy Cecil
Mrs. Mary H. Clyne.......Selma
Mrs. Anna J. Cunningham.......Selma
Mrs. Mamie Cunningham
Mrs. Ethel Cunningham
Mrs. Luacinda K. Fender...Muncie
Mrs. Sadie P. Good....Selma
Miss Fatima Jackson (Mrs. Jump 1900)
Mrs. Mary P. Keesling....Selma
Mrs. Magnolia G. Lewis..Selma
Mrs. Mayne R. Legg.......Muncie
Mrs. Kate S. Lenon
Mrs. Alice K. Meeks
Mrs. Lona C. Marshall
Mrs. Kate A. Orr........Selma
Mrs. Harriet Ribble.....Muncie
Mrs.Ella C. Ribble......Muncie
Mrs. Mary S. Saffer....Selma
Mrs. Lois Saffer
Mrs. May O. Sparks
Mrs. Emily L. Truitt
Mrs. Jeannette M. Truitt
Mrs. Emma S. Whitney
Mrs. Alice K. Watson
Miss. Myrtle Williams...Selma
Miss Ruth Watt
Mrs. Helen R. Young....Muncie

The Book of 1900- 1901 had in the back page “ In Remembrance”
Miss Grace Walden Truitt
Miss Gorda S. Cecil
Miss Harriet Townsend Truitt
Mrs. Caroline W. Hoover
Miss. Anna W. Lenon
Mrs. Emma Jordon Cecil

From 1900-1901 book
  Plus 1998 members
  Miss Ina Cecil    Muncie
  Mrs. Nannie Campbell....Selma
  Miss Marie Campbell......Selma
  Mrs. Lillie M. Cecil........New Buurlington
  Mrs. Laura S. Davis.......Selma
  Mrs. Mima B. Gough.....Selma

Associate Members
Miss Nellie Dunkin
Miss. Anna Hewitt
Mrs. Dora T. Lenon
Miss Nellie Phillips
Miss Emma Pittinger

Corresponding Members
 Mrs. Luella S. Claypool....Muncie
 Mrs. Harriette L. Clark....Indianapolis
 Mrs. Mary A. Dolman....Summitville
 Mrs. Sophia G. Jump......Muncie
 Mrs. Anna S. Ribble........Fairmount
 Mrs. Kate S. Markley.....Muncie

Golda Cecil
Mamie Cunningham
Neva Cunningham
Hazel Ribble
Lois Saffer
Ethel Cunningham
Hilda Clyne
Ethel Hoover
Fannie Cunningham
Harriette Legg

New Item Methodist Episcopal Church Hymnal Book
Listed as owner Samuel & Gordie Cecil copyright 1878
Gordie Cecil New Burlington IN.
Contributed By Jim Rutledge

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