Center Township Cemeteries
Gone But Not Forgotten

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The following is a list of cemeteries that once existed in Center Township.

This includes places where people were interred but there are no markers,
or places where the remains were moved and reinterred in other cemeteries.

If you have more information for any of these cemeteries, please send an Email to: Gina Richardson

Beech Knoll

Beech Knoll was an Old Indian Burial Ground. It is located in a part of Beech Grove Cemetery.

Early East Main Street Burial Spot

The East Main Street Burial place was located just east of Beacon Street. In 1908 when the sidewalks along East Main Street were put in, it was found that William Blunt's remains were still there. A Marker was erected in Beech Grove Cemetery by the Paul Revere chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution.

Early Indian Burial Ground

An Early Indian Burial Ground was on the north side of White River at the northern point in the stream, close to where the "Appeal To The Great Spirit" Monument is located.

Forest Park Cemetery

According to DAR records, the remains of Revolutionary War Veteran John McConnell and his wife Barbara were moved to Beech Grove Cemetery from a place on west 12th Street, known as Forrest Park. The remains were moved because gas was found there.

Graves Burial Site

In November of 1850, Rodham Graves was buried near the east fence line on ground owned at that time by William Y. Williams. The site was located along County Road 150 South between County Roads 250 West and 300 West. in Section 19 of this township.

Munceytown's Early Cemetery

Munceytown's Cemetery was located on West Adams Street, just west of the Old Central High School, where the Ball Corporation Building is now. The burials in this cemetery were disinterred and moved to Beech Grove Cemetery when it opened.

Unknown Cemetery

While digging for a basement in the 300 block of East Wysor Street, bones of a Man, Woman and Child were found. It was said to be an old burial ground. The remains were moved to Beech Grove Cemetery.

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