Sharp Cemetery

Salem Twp, Delaware County, Indiana

"Death of a Cemetery"

Photographs submitted by: Shirley Pearson

After looking for Sharp Cemetery for over an hour, we finally went back once again to this site on the side of the road. There were no signs or any other indication that it might be the entrance to a cemetery. Still we thought it could actually lead to a cemetery if one were brave enough to walk along the edge of a swampy area. We climbed over and crawled under the steel cable that blocked us and proceeded down the path.

Beautiful. Serene and silent except for the soft sounds of birds in the thick wall of old trees on either side. The path appeared to be mowed and clear of debris. We walked more than a "city block" before coming into a small clearing canopied by more ancient trees. At the other side of the clearing, our path appeared to continue up a slight hill.

We followed our noses and came into the most beautiful site for a cemetery I've ever experienced. But our hearts were immediately broken; our hopes dashed.

Vandals, using "tools" to ensure their wanton destruction, had totally destroyed the lovely pioneer cemetery. Some stones have been reduced to mere piles of rubble. The pictures speak for themselves. Shirley is attempting to find out who is responsible for the upkeep of Sharp Cemetery. Contact information will soon be posted.

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