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Submitted by Lucy Funk, and Arlene Goodwin,


Early Births from Pension Records

Auditors Office




Birth Date

Birth Place



Allman, Martha Ann

26 Oct 1857

DeKalb County, IN

Nelson R. Allman


Allman, Nelson R.

28 Jun 1853

Cromwell, Indiana

Martha Ann Allman

Clyde, Arlo L.


Armstrong, Sarah

17 Mar 1863

Smithfield Twp. DeKalb Co, IN


Keturah, Linoh

Askew, George Washington

6 Sep 1858

Spencerville, IN



Baker, Sarah

29 Dec 1854

Near Spencerville, DeKalb Co, IN


Nora, Ada, Bessie, Grace

Barber, Susan

15 Dec 1857

Stafford Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

Never married


Bates, Caroline Reeves

30 Mar 1854

Metz, IN


Leland, Edith, Bess, Helen

Baxter, Jessie J.

16 Nov 1856

Smithfield Twp.,, DeKalb Co., IN



Beam, Marillie E

1 Dec 1862

DeKalb Co., IN



Benner, Elisabeth

17 Feb 1846

Independence, OH


  1. M., H.A., Minnie, Emma, Ina

Blucher, Daniel

6 Oct 1856

Allengahaney Co., MD

Etta E. Blucher


Bowers, William

6 Apr 1863

Richland Twp., DeKalb Co., IN



Bowman, Milton Albertus

3 Jul 1856

Springfield Twp., Allen Co., (?)


Gertrude-step daughter

Brandon, James M.

13 Jan 1861

LaGrange Co., IN

Nettie Brandon

Lizzie, Elsie, Inez, Mary, Mrs. Tom Brunson

Bucher, John

9 Nov 1853

Tuscarawas Co., OH



Bailey, Mary

4 Oct 1858

Allen Co., IN


B. L., Alice Winnifred, R.S.

Beuchat, William H.

29 May 1859

Stark Co., OH


Mable, Francis, Louis, Edith

Blaker, G. M.

10 Oct 1863


Myrta Blaker


Beeher, Amelia E.

4 Jan 1863


E.W. Beeher

Ila, Iva

Bohls, Jennie

2 Jan 1850

Van Wert Co., OH


  • b1875, Pearl 1885
  • H. b 1883, W.H. b 1886, Karl b 1892

    Bahr, John A.

    7 Nov 1864

    Wapankoneta, OH

    Christine Bahr

    Harold, Alfred, Helen

    Brown, E.E.

    18 Sep 1864


    Lulu Brown

    Orlo, Agnes, Guy, Harold, Robert, Eugene, Ever B.

    Barron, Ida Rosetta

    23 Nov 1861



    Wm., Mrs. C. A. Smith, Mrs. John Fry, Mrs. E. Cronkel

    Bromley, William Edward

    10 Nov 1864

    East Twp., PA

    Adia Perry Bromley

    Robert, Florence, C. W.

    Carnahan, Abner

    28 Sep 1857

    Jackson Twp., DeKalb Co., IN



    Carnahan, Soloma

    31 Jan 1861

    Perry Twp., Allen Co., IN



    Cherry, Albert

    7 Apr 1858

    Franklin Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

    Anna D. Cherry

    Walter, Minnie, Jason, Mary , Glenn

    Clark, Dessa E.

    28 Aug 1848

    Auburn, IN



    Clark, Jacob

    1 Jul 1861


    Clara Clark


    Coburn, Amanda

    21 Nov 1851

    Near Hicksville, Defiance Co., OH


    Vern E., Lena

    Cool, Alice

    15 Oct 1856

    Delaware Co., OH

    John Cool


    Cool, John Wesley

    25 Nov 1856

    Belleview, OH

    Alice M. Cool


    Cooper, Joe M.

    9 Aug 1855

    Kenton, OH

    Winnie Cooper


    Cosper, Lydia

    29 Aug 1862

    Kosciusko Co., IN


    Harry, Kenneth, Noble, *Canda, Lea, Anna

    Craig, George Washington

    4 Nov 1857

    Waterloo, IN


    James, Ruth, Hazel, Mary, Geraldine, Ora, Edna, Ina

    Croninger, Noami

    16 Oct 1857

    Huntington Co., IN


    Clarence, Charley, Mary

    Collins, A. J.

    4 Mar 1852

    Hawking Co., OH


    Doyt, Savilla, Huldah, Isadore, Wilbur, Barton, Roscoe, Leroy, Charles

    Collins, George Bryon

    1 Mar 1859

    Iona Co., MI


    Evan, *Goodew, Esther, Sheldon, Lois, Lester, Nina, Ancil

    Church, W. L.

    12 Aug 1858



    Charley, George, Ruth, Alice

    Ellie C. Clement

    3 Mar 1852

    Medina Co., OH


    Jane, Eda, Mrs. Wm. Polston, Guy , Roy, Mrs. Her Fee, Mrs. Jim Clement

    Cole, Alphonzo Ralph

    15 Nov 1851

    N. Manchester, IN

    Lorinda Cole

    George S., Albert A., Raymond R., Fairie E.

    Carnahan, James

    18 Mar 1852

    Ashland Co., OH


    Samuel, Nora

    Cole, Lorinda

    4 Jun 1863

    Near Butler, IN

    Alphonzo Ralph Cole

    George S., Albert A., Raymond R., Fairie E.

    Crothers, Anna

    13 Aug 1861

    Defiance Co., OH


    Charles, Ross , Roy

    Curtis, Gilbert S.

    25 Apr 1859

    Hiram Center, OH



    Carter, Thomas A.

    10 Oct 1852

    Ashland Co., OH

    Effie A. Carter

    Helen I.

    Crowl, George

    14 Sep 1857

    DeKalb Co., IN

    Hattie Crowl

    Howard, Edward , Kenneth,

    Countryman, Andrew

    25 Dec 1860

    Defiance Co., OH



    Days, Lewis

    16 Jul 1861

    DeKalb Co., IN

    Della Day

    Clark, Edson

    Dermott, J. M.

    18 Aug 1855

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Dirrim, William S.

    19 Mar 1844

    Wayne Co., OH

    Birtha Dirrim


    Dove, John S.

    13 Oct 1863

    DeKalb Co., IN

    Della Dove

    Frank, Melvin, Adolph, Hazel, Clinton, Lucile, Glen

    Draime, Martha Viola

    16 Apr 1858

    Atlas, OH


    Bertha, Lulu M.

    Dancer, John W.

    16 Apr 1859

    Noble Co., IN

    Marjorie Catherin Dancer

    Henry E., Elsie

    Delucenay, Ellen

    13 Sep 1851



    Lewis, George, Pauline, Mary , Eugene

    DePew, Charley

    8 May 1861

    DeKalb Co., IN

    Maggie May DePew

    Elmer, Isah, Clyde

    DePew, Etta Catherine

    20 Nov 1864

    Stanton, Ill



    Davis, John

    22 Dec 1856

    Tuscarawas Co., OH

    Nancy A. Davis

    Stanley E., Ethel B., Vaughn, Dade D., Donald C.

    Davis, Nancy A.

    22 Nov 1863

    Defiance Co., OH

    John Davis

    Stanley E. Ethel B., Vaughn, Dale D.,

    Donald C.

    Ellis, Mary L.

    11 Mar 1860

    Near Waterloo DeKalb Co, IN


    Samuel, Alma, Marion, Loren W.

    Ensley, Allie

    11 Jun 1852

    Auburn, IN


    Etta, Wm., Orin, Elmer, Delbert, Glenn, Haynes

    Elliott, Eliza A.

    7 Sep 1862

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Matie, Lulu, Mildred, Clarence, Edna

    Fickle, Joseph

    16 Aug 1861




    Fike, Jeff

    4 Jan 1961


    Ella Fike

    No children

    Flanders, Cora E.

    15 Mar 1867

    Kendallville, IN

    Curtis W. Flanders

    J. Frederick Bickner

    Flanders, Curtis W.

    25 May 1850

    New Hampton, NH

    Cora E. Flanders

    Mary, E. F.

    Foltz, Mary

    7 Sep 1857

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Earl, Floyd

    Frick, George W.

    31 Dec 1861

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Frick, Margaret E.

    18 Apr 1856

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Funk, Mary Ann

    6 Sep 1862

    Lintman Co., OH



    Fisher, Albert W.

    10 Mar 1850

    Stark Co., OH


    Etta, Lizzie, Hattie, A. J.

    Frank, S. P.

    24 Nov 1854



    Merril, Olive, Forest, George

    Freeburn, May A.

    26 Oct 1859

    Van Wert Co., OH


    Flossie, Glenn

    Farmer, Bert

    16 Jan 1863

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Farver, Josiah Lemuel

    29 Oct 1857

    Spencerville, IN


    Esta, Ray, Floyd, Harold, Alta

    Fike, Ella

    23 Sep 1865

    Noble Co., IN

    Jefferson Fike

    Warren, Ray, Harry, Howard, Arthur

    Friend, Catherine

    13 Dec 1858

    Stark Co., OH


    Howard Becher

    Gard, Henry A.

    4 Sep 1853

    Franklin Co., IN

    Mary A. Gard

    Ina, Caroline

    Gard, Mary A.

    10 Jan 1851

    Noble Co., IN

    Henry A. Gard

    Ina, Caroline

    Gill, Ella Jane

    9 Oct 1856

    Concord Twp., DeKalb Co., IN



    Gingery, Iva A.

    7 Oct 1856

    Milford Twp., Defiance Co., OH


    Laird, Leon

    Glover, Barbara Ellen

    15 Nov 1850

    Knox Co., OH


    Charley E.

    Goodale, Charles

    6 Jun 1854

    LaPorte, IN



    Goodchild, John Arthur

    10 Mar 1861

    Butler, IN

    Susan Barbara Goodchild


    Goodchild, Susan Barbara

    25 Jul 1858

    Willshire, OH

    John Arthur


    J. A., Ray Sharp, Mrs. John T. Wainwright

    Grambling, Frank Pierce

    6 Sep 1849

    Louisville, Stark Co., OH


    Mary Effie

    Grindle, James

    3 Feb 1856

    Wayne Co., OH

    Mable Grindle

    John, William, Earl

    Gruhlke, A. C.

    6 Mar 1850




    Guilford, Laura A.

    18 Oct 1858

    Allen Co., (?)


    Newman, Ezra

    Greenwald, Clara

    6 Jan 1864




    Groh, Martha

    4 Apr 1862

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Gump, Henry M.

    20 Aug 1862

    Allen Co., (?)


    Eva Mae, Lina, Josey, Louis

    Green, Herman L.

    19 Oct 1863

    Huron Co., OH



    Geisinger, John

    8 Aug 1846

    Jackson Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

    Sarah Lucinda Geisinger

    Inez, Lewis N.

    Geisinger, Sarah Lucinda

    16 Jan 1854

    Concord Twp., DeKalb Co., IN

    John Geisinger

    Inez, Lewis N.

    Good, Mariah Eliza

    26 Feb 1856

    Wooster, OH


    Bertha K., Charles E.

    Groves, Jonas Francis

    7 Dec 1846

    Millers Town

    Champaign Co., OH

    Susie Groves


    Grubb, James A.

    7 Mar 1864

    Noble Co., IN

    Suzie Grubb

    Hazel, Bessie

    Grimm, Elisabeth

    23 Dec 1862

    Noble Co. IN



    Grund, Zelpha

    23 Dec 1854

    Auburn, IN



    Geiger, Lydia A.

    10 Jun 1847

    Wayne Co., IN


    Frank, Edward, Wilton, Terry

    Greenwood, Eugene

    16 Feb 1862

    DeKalb Co., IN

    Mary Greenwood

    Glenn, Grace

    Mary Greenwood

    18 Dec 1863

    Allen Co., (?)

    Eugene Greenwood

    Glenn, Grace

    Hammers, Caroline

    17 Apr 1860

    New Brighton, PA

    Ed Hammers


    Hampshire, John E.

    25 Sep 1860

    Putnam, Co. OH


    J. D, F. F. Margaret , Bessie, Iven, Roy, Nora

    Hanna, John N.

    1 Mar 1856

    Defiance Co., OH


    Charley, John C., Jennie

    Hatch, Olin H.

    8 Jun 1853

    Neville DeKalb Co., IN

    Jane Hatch

    Rosa, Malcolm

    Hay, Valentine

    3 Feb 1860

    Kosciusko Co., IN

    Elizabeth Hay

    Agnes, Leona, Elmer, Viola, Clara, Ruth

    Hess, Cellesta

    20 May 1860

    Defiance Co., OH

    Andrew Ellert Hess

    Urban, Louis, Mrs. Geo. Haite, Mrs. Herman Miller

    Hissong, William C.

    16, Nov 1860

    Elkhart, IN

    Mahaley Hissong

    John, Carl

    Hodge, Laura A.

    27 Jun 1862

    Grant Co., IN


    Nellie, Effie, Leroy

    Hoff, Charles

    28 May 1857

    Aiken, Germany

    Elizabeth Hoff


    Hosler, Andrew J.

    10 Sep 1854

    Corunna, IN


    Lewis, Sadie, Wm. Gary, *Missouri, Murta, David, Geo. Lawarence

    *Humlington, Mahala (Miss)

    4 Oct 1862

    William Co., OH



    Heatley, Elizabeth

    12 Oct 1858

    W. VA


    Joseph, Mildred

    Holsinger, Alfred

    23 Apr 1853

    Tyrol, Austria



    Houser, Henry

    6 Apr 1857

    DeKalb Co., IN

    Anna Houser

    Frank, Russel, Albert , Adyl, Harold, Glen, Nathan, Ethel, Erma, Fern

    Hull, Joseph

    21 Feb 1860

    Concord Twp.



    Hendricks, Sarah E.

    29 Mar 1859

    Wilmington Twp. DeKalb Co., IN



    Haag, *Ironi/Ioni

    23 Nov 1856

    Berks Co., PA



    Hagg, Oliver

    16 Nov 1864

    Berks Co., PA

    Wife d. 9 May 1933

    Marie Clara,

    Hood, Jacob

    7 Oct 1858

    Smithfield Twp., DeKalb Co., IN



    Handy, Eddy

    3 Aug 1865

    Butler, IN



    Hackenberger, John

    21 Oct 1857

    Wood Co., OH



    Johnston, Frank B.

    5 Sep 1863

    Auburn, IN



    Jones Henrietta

    24 Apr 1854

    Richland Twp., DeKalb Co., IN


    Geo, Mary,

    Jones, Emily Jane

    16 Aug 1851

    Newville, IN


    Maude, Mamie, Clarence

    Kees, Lydia A.

    25 Feb 1859

    Harlan, Allen Co., IN

    Samuel S. Kees

    Daniel, Delilah, Wm. Geo.

    Kees, Samuel S.

    8 Jul 1857

    Harlan, Allen Co., IN

    Lydia A. Kees

    Daniel, Delilah, Wm. Geo.

    Kenton, John

    11 Jan 1861

    Castine, Dark Co., OH

    Eva Elnora Kenton

    Stella, Wm. Edith, Della, Mildred

    King, Sarah Elizabeth

    25, Dec 1854

    Defiance Co., OH


    Viola, M. Albert,

    Knisely, Luther W.

    2 Jan 1853

    New Philadelphia, OH

    Dell Knisely


    Knisely, Sarah Elizabeth

    6 Apr 1860

    Antwerp, Defiance Co., OH


    Geo. Grace, Halcie, Viola, Mable

    Koch, Anna

    22 Sep 1860

    Noble Co., IN


    Beulah, Leroy

    Krontz, Abigail A.

    28 Jun 1855

    Near Butler, OH



    Keesbery, David J.

    17 Aug 1856

    Fostoria, OH



    Knisely, Dell

    18 Dec 1861

    William Center, Williams Co., OH

    Luther Knisely


    Kemery, Marcilla

    23 Nov 1860

    Noble Co., IN


    Bertha, Wm. Herbert, Jennie

    Kutzner, Ida M.

    1 Jul 1862

    Auburn, IN

    Isaac S. Kutzner


    Kennedy, Ambrose

    28 Jun 1858

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Liva, Bessie, Lula

    Kutzner, Isaac S.

    13 Jul 1862

    DeKalb Co., IN

    Ida M. Kutzner


    Laub, George

    24, may 1862

    Williams Co., OH

    Ella Laub

    Harvey, Wilma

    Lewis, Emma E.

    20 Jul 1861

    Ashland Co., OH



    Likens, Walter

    10 Sep 1862

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Russel, Gerry, Gertrude

    Lippincott, J. J.

    8 Dec 1846




    Lockamire, Samantha

    17 May 1861

    Franklin Twp. DeKalb Co., IN



    Luce, Charles Walter

    23 Oct 1856

    Newville, DeKalb Co., IN

    N. Jennie Luce


    Luce, N. Jennie

    19 Oct 1862

    Warren, IN

    Charles Walter Luce


    Lung, Mollie

    27 Sep 1849

    Randolph Co., IN



    Lake, Abraham Leighton

    3 Jun 1858

    Allen Co., (?)

    Cora B. Lake


    Lobmiller, Francis R.

    13 Dec 1857

    Auburn, IN


    Walter, Edna June, Paul

    Lowe, Joe

    8 Jan 1856

    Shocton Co., OH



    Lumm, Martha

    17 May 1860



    Mary, Conrad, Lois, Helma, Alfred, Albert, Walter

    Malinda E. Loutzenhiser

    15 Feb 1863

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Madden, Eliza

    24 Apr 1860

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Madden, Iva B.

    22 Apr 1859

    Butler, IN



    Magginis, Eva B.

    14 Sep 1859

    Massilon, Stark Co., OH



    Markle, Jeremiah

    6 Sep 1845

    Springfield Twp., Allen Co. (?)


    Benj, Franklin, Wm. Joseph

    McDannel, Mary

    12 Jan 1849

    DeKalb Co., IN



    McDonald, Belle

    20 Dec 1861

    DeKalb Co., IN



    McKee, Allen

    17 Sep 1853

    Maysville, Allen Co., IN



    Meach, Sarah Jane

    21 Jan 1851

    Kendallville, Noble

    Co., IN


    Forrest E.

    Mierly, Benj.

    17 Feb 1862

    Hicksville, OH

    Ida A. Mierly

    Roy, Effie, *Iona, Lloyd

    Milbourn, Sylvester H.

    22 Mar 1857

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Miller, Georgia A.

    4 Sep 1858

    Steuben Co., IN


    Carl, Wm. Luther, Florence

    Miller, Mahaila, Jane

    21, Oct 1857

    Salina, Mercer Co., OH


    Wm., Edith, Kathlenia

    Moch, Evalyn

    11 Jun 1857

    Ashtabula, OH


    Virgil, Walter, Earl, Willis, Hazel, Curtis, Charley, Eva

    Moss, George W.

    9 May 1854

    Allen Co., (?)


    Leroy Sheldon

    Murphy, Henry H.

    26 Jun 1858

    Georgetown, Allen Co., IN

    Rose B. Murphy

    Gertie, Forest E. Estella L., Audry M., Beatrice, Ethel, Jay B.

    Myers, Benjamin

    6 Feb 1858

    Franklin Twp., DeKalb Co., IN


    Eva, Isaac, Sada

    Mann, Ada

    11 Jan 1864



    Della B., Anna, Emma, Harry L., Gertrude

    Markley, Nancy

    5 Jul 1850

    Pleasant Lake, IN


    John, Rhoda, Myron, Lucy , Edna, Ada, Celia

    Mitchell, John

    23 May 1854

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Edgar L.

    Mitchell, Thirza

    12 Sep 1854

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Miller, Joshua

    18 Nov 1851

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Cora, Grover, Martin, LeRoy

    Marrow, William A.

    23 Jul 1859

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Sarah, John, Edward, Emma, DeForest, Charles, Elizabeth, Albert

    Manrow, Sarah

    7 Jul 18854

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Lawrence, Clarence, Lester

    McCormick, Ella

    1 Jul 1863

    Allen Co., (?)


    James, Mattie, Frank. Olive

    McAister, Ida Genieve

    10 Apr 1859

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Millie, Marie, Curtis, Justice, Forest

    McCann, Clara

    6 Feb 1862

    W. VA


    Grace, Geo. Wilbur

    Noirot, Charles

    20 Apr 1859

    Finley, OH



    Norrich, Frank

    25 Dec 1862



    Harrison, Raymond, Clarence, Mabel, Nina

    Nott, Ella

    17 Feb 1862

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Josie, Bessie, Emma, William

    Nethercot, Daniel Evert

    25, Aug 1860

    Georgetown, Cass Co., IN

    Amanda Jane Nethercot

    Gertrude, Katie Elsie

    Ober, Clark H.

    6 Apr 1862

    Kenwood PA



    Palmerton, Alice

    5 Apr 1857

    Franklin Twp. DeKalb Co., IN

    Parley Palmerton

    Ross, Raymond, Edna

    Parley, Palmerton

    13, Oct 1856

    Wilmington Twp., DeKalb Co., IN


    Ross, Raymond, Edna

    Patterson, Louise

    2 Feb


    Ashland Co., OH


    Potter, Gertrude

    17 Sep 1851

    Montpelier, OH


    1933 all children deceased

    Price, Elizabeth

    8 Dec 1859

    Defiance Co., OH



    Putt, Hariett

    25, Sep 1846



    Frank, Sarah, Geo.

    Peters, Hannah

    9 Apr 1856

    Kendallville, IN


    Carl, Mary, Clarence

    Powell, Alix

    10 Aug 1864

    Cardon, KY


    Peter, Savilla, Pinkey

    Pfister, Caroline

    28 Feb 1864

    Willow Spring, ILL


    Maude, Frank

    Peters, Rickay M.

    1 Jul 1858

    Auburn, IN


    Martin M., Herman, Emma

    Roger, Mary

    15 Jul 1857

    Smithfield Twp. DeKalb Co., IN



    Rastler, Jermiah

    26 Apr 1856

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Raub, Rose Bell

    22 Jun 1859

    Steuben Co., IN

    John Raub

    Grace, Inez, Marjorie

    Raub. S. A.

    8 Jun 1855

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Read, William Henry

    1 Nov 1857

    Reed Twp., Seneca Co., OH


    Fred, Bertha

    Reasoner, Caroline

    23 Oct 1859

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Reeder, Lucinda

    3 Jul 1849




    Reeder, Sylvester

    11 Nov 1850

    Allen Co., OH



    Rhinesmith, George W.

    14 Mar 1857

    Wayne Co., OH

    Elta Rhinesmith


    Rhodenbaugh, James Lincoln

    1 May 1861

    Garrett, DeKalb Co., IN


    Chloe, Franc, Erma

    Richards, George Williard

    8 Nov 1861

    New Cumberlain, Grant Co., IN

    Eva Richards

    Ethel, Jesse, Russell

    Richardson, Albert

    27 Jul 1863

    Fair Co., Ohio



    Ottilia Rinehold

    15 Feb 1851

    Baden, Germany


    H.O., Ida, Leva, W. A. , Dora, Lulu, Leroy

    Rowe, Jacob

    29 Apr 1859

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Rosenberry, Ellen Jane

    25 Dec 1855

    Van Dalia, Ill

    Oliver Rosenberry


    Roberts, Harriet A.

    6 Apr 1864

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Etta, Bess, Charles, Mellie, Pearl

    Riccius, Christian

    24 Jul 1847

    Baden, Germany


    Edward, Harry , Martha, Matilda, Anna

    Rothgeb, Mary Jane

    4 Aug 1863

    Jefferson Twp., Allen Co., IN


    John, Nettie, Willard, Willis

    Reeder, Mary E.

    13 Mar 1856

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Ezekial, William, Charles, Clarence

    Rosenberry, Oliver

    14 Jun 1853

    Butler, IN

    Ellen Jane Rosenberry

    George Oscar, Melissa, James Harner, Jacob , Anna, Arthur, Bertha, Fern

    Rottger, William

    17 Jun 1860


    Rozzella Rottger

    Mary, Roy

    Rufner, Josiah

    20 Sep 1857



    Ida, Minnie, Oscar, Nathan

    Ruhl, Anna

    9 Mar 1865

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Lloyd, Alda, Alfred, Birdie

    Sanders, A. M.

    26 Nov 1859

    Cleveland, OH


    Leona, George

    Sanders, Toot Julia Ann

    28 Mar 1861

    Delphos, OH



    Schrader, William

    2 Aug 1862

    Auburn, IN

    Mildy Schrader

    Earl, Bertha

    Seydell, Eliza M.

    1 Dec 1865




    Shaver, Alice

    19 Aug 1856

    Waterloo, IN

    William F. Shaver


    Shaver, William F.

    15 May 1855

    Sangatuck, MI

    Alice Shaver


    Shineman, Isaiah

    5 Jul 1854

    Coshocton Co., OH

    Mahalia J. Shineman


    Shineman, Mahalia

    19 Dec 1860

    Holmes Co, OH

    Isaiah Shineman


    Shenk, Henry

    20 May 1855

    Germantown, IN

    Mary E. Shenk


    Sherman, Hannah Elizabeth

    21 Mar 1843

    Summit Co. OH


    Edwan H., Elmer E., Jane, Anna, Charles E., Sylvia

    Shuff, Mary Jane

    10 Aug 1854

    Spencerville, IN


    Asa A., John H., Mrs. Frank Milliman, Harry

    Shull, Peter

    4 Jun 1852

    DeKalb Co., IN

    Matilda Shull

    Ruth, Ruthford

    Sleppy, Abashai

    24 Feb 1863




    Slessman, John M.

    6 Feb 1855

    Columbia City, IN

    Jennie Slessman

    George Leo, Mathew, Mamie, Sadie, Marie

    Smith, Charles Henry

    31 Dec 1857




    Smith, Harriet E.

    23 Nov 1862

    Milburn, NJ



    Smith, William Lawrence

    26 Sep 1855

    Putnam Co., OH

    Wanella M. Smith

    E. P., Clair S., Bessie M.

    Squires, Frank

    2 Sep 1859

    Lucan Co., OH



    Squires, Isaac A.

    11 Feb 1858

    Auburn, IN


    Colour W., George W., Anna M.

    Stahl, Elias

    25 Aug 1858

    Indiana, PA

    Adella Stahl

    J. Avery, Sinne

    Staley, Monroe

    24 Apr 1852

    Shelby Co., OH


    Sulvina, Lanto

    Stark, Eli

    11 Sep 1863

    Lancaster Co., Pa



    Steckley, Sarah O.

    31 Oct 1851

    Hicksville, OH


    Della M.

    Swisher, Milton E.

    6 Aug 1857

    Masslion, OH

    Emma Swisher

    Nina, Hazel, P. T., Grace

    Schutz, Elizabeth A.

    9 Mar 1860

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Mary Ellen

    Steward, J. M.

    2 Aug 1864

    Angola, IN

    Cora Steward

    Earl, Arthur

    Shull, Matilda

    19 Dec 1869

    Allen Co., (?)

    Peter Shull

    Ruth B., Ruth N., Josephine

    Slessman, Jennie

    12 Jun 1862

    Delphi, Ind

    John Slessman

    Mathew, George, Marie, Sadie, Mary

    Smurr, Henry Martin

    16 May 1864

    Wilmington Twp., DeKalb Co., IN


    Lester, Russel, Jay, Faye, Irene, Hazel

    Squires, Francis

    22 Oct 1862

    Steuben Co., IN


    George, Calvin, Anna

    Schalkalska, Agusta

    13 Feb 1849




    Schramm, Edward

    26 Oct 1864

    Toledo, OH



    Sechler, Harriet A.

    30 May 1853

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Roscoe, Harley, Elnora, Frances, William , Angil

    Seigel, Catharine

    28 Apr 1863

    Monroeville, IN

    Phillip Seigel

    George, Henry, Tillie, Herman

    Seigle, Philip

    22 Jun 1856

    Holmes Co., OH

    Catharine Seigel

    George, Henry, Tillie, Herman

    Swaidner, Flora Belle

    19 Apr 1859

    Huntington Co., IN



    Stoakes, Ida A.

    22 Mar 1865



    Warren, George, Thomas, Harry, Linda Blanche, Hilda Mae

    Smith, Joseph Martin

    3 Aug 1855

    Pemberton, OH



    Strock, Michael

    8 Jan 1864

    Ealsel Lorian, France

    Mary Strock


    Swinehart, Robert H.

    26 Oct 1865

    Troy Twp., DeKalb Co., IN



    Thomas, J. J.

    16 Oct 1852

    Steuben Co., IN



    Treesh, Cora

    28 Jul 1854

    Noble Co., IN

    Ray Treesh


    Treesh, Daniel

    26 May 1849

    Corunna, IN


    Mina B., Myrtle A., Peter E., Virgil A.

    Turmbull, Flora

    30 Sep 1863

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Clarence, Blanch, Grace, Vera

    Tyson, Mattie

    17 J7ul 1863

    Grant Co., WI

    Samuel Tyson

    Herbert, Bert

    Thompson, Everet

    22 Jul 1863

    Newville, IN

    Mary Elizabeth Thompson

    Grover Guy, Luther Lavern, Virgil Dewitt

    Thompson, Mary Elizabeth

    9 Dec 1860

    Newville, IN

    Evert Thompson

    Grove Guy, Luther Lavern, Virgil Dewitt

    Treesh, Peter

    19 Feb 1864

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Ray, Dessie

    Tyson, Samuel

    4 Dec 1864


    Mattie Tyson

    Herbert, Bert

    Teves, Henry

    14 Aug 1864




    Thomas Katherine

    5 Nov 1848

    Canal Dover, Ohio


    Cora, Grace, Edith, Ralph,


    Treesh, Lonese

    8 Aug 1864

    Chicago, IL



    Troutner, David Elsworth

    22 Apr 1857

    Decatur, Adams Co., IN


    Annie, Charles, William ,

    Albert O.

    Underhill, Harriett L.

    27 Oct 1865

    Palestine, IN


    Roxie F., Floyd E. Williard

    A., Willa L.

    Vore, Mary Mitchell

    13 Dec 1851

    Spencerville, IN


    Romea, Ora, Ruby

    Walls, Syhuster

    16 Jul 1862

    Warsaw, IN



    Warford, Nettie P.

    7 mar 1863

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Zola, Vivian, Paul

    Webb, John O.

    10 Apr 1861

    Springfield, Twp., IN

    Mary Jane Webb

    Betty, Merritt, Herbert G. Francis E.

    Weeks, Esther

    22 Mar 1855

    Holmes Co., OH



    Williams, Best

    15 Aug 1859




    Wilmot, Ella

    27 Nov 1852

    Mantue, OH


    Leona, Edna, George, Fred,


    Wilmot, Florence

    15 Nov 1858

    Allen Co., (?)


    Leona, Edna, Mary, George,


    Wise, Levi

    1 Feb 1858

    Spencerville, DeKalb Co., IN

    Hannah Rebecca Wise

    Frank Allen, Albert Earl, Mrs. T.M. Lane, Mrs. Harry Palmer, Mrs. E.T. Wood, Ira A. Mrs. Harold Jenkins

    Woolf, Ella

    15 Feb 1858

    La Rue, OH

    Jacob H. Woolf

    Bessie, Rose, Emma, Ruby,


    Jacob Woolf

    29 Apr 1855

    Ashland Co., OH

    Ella Woolf

    Bessie, Rose, Eman, Ruby,


    Woolf, Joseph M.

    3 Apr 1853

    Ashland Co. OH



    Worden, J. A.

    26 Oct 1851


    Lydia A. Worden

    F. J. , Claudia , Olga

    Worden Lydia

    27 Oct 1856


    J. A. Worden

    F. J., Claudia, Olga

    Worthington, B. L.

    16 Jul 1851


    Sarah M. Worthington


    Worthington, Sarah M>

    11 Aug 1852

    Fremont, IN

    B. L. Worthington


    Walker, Charley E. M.

    30 Oct 1863

    Stark Co., OH


    Dora Myrtle, Olive June, Jessie

    Walls, Mary e.

    5 Jun 1858

    Dark Co. OH


    Maude D.

    Warrick, Rufus

    7 Sep 1862

    Columbiana Co. OH



    Wise, Hannah Rebecca

    22 Sep 1857

    DeKalb Co., IN

    Levi Wise

    Same as Leviís

    White, Mary M.

    14 Mar 1860

    Middlefield, MA


    Richard Lee,

    Woodcox, Martha

    18 Jul 1847

    Defiance, OH


    Iona, Clarence, Marie , Arthur, Charles , Ed. Elgin, Laura

    Workman, Eliza

    7 Nov 1853

    Noble Co. IN


    Mrs. Oscar Reynolds, Wilbert, Marion, Dora, Grover

    Wagner, Nancy Jane

    17 Jun 1863

    DeKalb Co., IN


    Jessie, Lizzie, Hazel, Ethel

    Warner, Alice

    16 Aug 1855

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Wilson, Elizabeth

    20 Feb 1859




    Wiley, C. W.

    25 Mar 1862

    Washington D. C.


    James F.

    Warner, Jesse

    20 Aug 1850

    Tiffin, OH


    Arthur, Nellie, Mrs. Horatio Hine, Mrs. Noble Thomas

    Weaver, Mary Christine

    19 Jun 1864

    Eggs, IN


    Mary, Thersa, Francius, Mrs. I. Shaffer, Charley, Agnes

    Wilmot. Arthur

    5 Oct 1854

    Portage Co., OH


    Ora, Lee, Anna, Fay

    Zigler, William H.

    30 Oct 1859



    Pauline, W. Gage

    Zimmerman, Levi

    20 Mar 1864

    DeKalb Co., IN



    Zirwes, Amas

    15 Jan 1858




    Zolmer, Charles W.

    1 may 1859

    Knox Co., OH


    W. E., Mrs. Edward Biglow, Mrs. Wm. Basse, Lester F.

    Zerns, Emma

    25 Jan 1857



    Dou, Ralph, Kate, Fay, Stella, John, Earl, Arthur, Emma, William, Elizabeth