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Dearborn County, Indiana
Pioneer Cemeteries

On November 11, 2000 the first meeting was held to discuss the pioneer cemeteries of Dearborn county. I am happy to report that we had a great turn-out.
A volunteer committee will begin meeting in the near future to discuss appropriate ways to promote the preservation of the pioneer cemeteries.
Discussion was held concering the current state laws and the pressing need to require private landowners to allow access to cemeteries through their property. Clarification of new state laws which seem to prohibit probing for, and replacing sunken tomb stones was also discussed. A number of cemeteries were mentioned that are in need of help. Research on the deeds for the county cemeteries has been started. This is one of the first steps that is needed to done.
We would like to have at least one representative from each township in Dearborn county. People who have volunteered are, Art Wenzel and Lois Harper of Miller twp; Dellas Ross of Clay twp.; Gilbert Nolte of Caesar Creek twp.; Janet Ross of Manchester; Sue Story of Harrison Twp.; and Milton Masing and Chris McHenry of Lawrenceburg Twp. The committee is not limited to these people but is open to any volunteer.
The date for the next meeting has not been set due to the upcoming holidays, and will be held after the holidays.
Please keep checking back to this page for further information.
If you have any questions, or would like to help out, please contact Chris McHenry or myself, John Minneman.

* Officers to the Dearborn County Cemetery Committee have been chosen at the lastest meeting held in Feb. 2001. They are: President, Chris McHenry; Vice President, Milt Masing; Secretary, Lois Harper.
Meetings have been set for 1:00 p.m. Eastern time at the Historical Society building. The next meeting will be April 7, 2001. We will meet every-other month at the same time and place. (First Saturday in June, August, October and December of 2001)
Hope to see you there!

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