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Manchester Township, Dearborn County Indiana

This is a list of the delegates for Manchester Township for the 1859 Convention.
Source: The Lawrenceburg Register, July 17, 1859 edition.

Robert Owen
Thomas Harrison
James Simms
Peter C. Wilcox
Samuel M. Kennedy
Jacob Weber
Wm. Wetherhead
Joseph Gass
Peter Zimmer

  Please go to the Rootsweb Message board to find many Deeds submitted by Earl Thompson concerning Manchester Twp. Click on the drop-down menu to Deeds.

Earl also submitted this concerning a burial ground located in Manchester Twp. Thank You Earl!


There is a Cundale family burial ground and it is located on Possum Ridge
Road off State Road # 48 west of Wrights Corner in Manchester Twp, Dearborn County, IN.

This is verified by when, John Cundale and wife sold land to Daniel and
Abigail (wife) ROBERTS, 14 Nov 1825, Dearborn County Deed Records Book "A"
pages 515 and 516. Daniel and his wife later sold this same land to Sarah
Ann Thompson, 9 Apr 1866. In the deed, it stipulated "Except two (2) rods
square of ground in the above decribed tract convering the site of the
Family Burying Ground, situate on the Ridge East of the Brick Dwelling
House, which two (2) rods square of gound the grantor herein reserves to
himself and his heirs forever, for burial purposes, together with the right
of ingness thereto and egness therefrom and to inclose the said burying
ground with a stone wall or other fence and keep this same in repair" The
tract was located in the south half of the East half of the North East
quarter of Section Ten (10) Township five (5) of Range Two (2).


Platt Cemetery in Manchester Twp. Details and Interments
Thank you, Kathy Ross
Platt Cemetery in Manchester Twp. Photographs
(Platt Cemetery is not indentified on the map to the right, but by the above article by Kathy Ross, this would be the cemetery located just to the east of Manchester Meadows(Section 18 on Map). However both Kathy and the database for the State of Indiana, Cemetery Locator state that this cemetery is located on Shaeffer Road. So is this Platt Cemetery shown on map?).

Horham Cemetery
Thank you, Steve Frevert
(This burial place is not shown on the map below. By Steve's description above, this cemetery would be located in Section 16 on map, at the intersection of Konradi and Bonnell Roads.).



Other Cemetery or Burial Places in Manchester Township

... Aiken Family Cemetery Not Shown on Map Located Approx where the "T" of "Manchester" is on the Map
... Beggs Family Cemetery Marked but un-named (Just under the "A" in Manchester)
... Lydia Cotton Burial Site Not Shown on Map Located in SW Corner of Section 14
... Cross/Kings Cemetery aka Hogan Hill (Old) Cemetery (Marked but Unnamed, Section 35 on Map)
... Ellis Family Cemetery Not Shown on Map Only location given Manchester Township
... Old Hogan Hill Baptist Church Cemetery Not marked on map, Section 14 Burns Rd approx at the # 14) Please read the "cemetery note" on this link
... Dearborn County Farm Cemeteries (Marked but unnamed, Section 30 & 31 on Map)
... Ebenezer Church Cemetery (Section 12)
... Hogan Hill Cemetery (Section 35 on Map)
... Johnston Family Cemetery Not Shown on Map Section 10 at approx where it says Hogan
... Lindsay Family Cemetery Not Shown on Map No Location given (Photos)
... Lowes Family Cemetery (Section 8)
... McCracken Family Cemetery (Section 33 on Map)
... McKinstry Cemetery (Section 1 on Map, Manchester Twp)
... McCracken Family Cemetery (Section 33 on Map)
... Manchester (Township) Cemetery (Section 32 on Map)
... Mendel Family Cemetery Not Shown on Map Only location given "Wrights Corner"
... Milliken Family Cemetery No Location Given only Manchester (Photo, 12 Interments)
... Roberts Family Cemetery Not Shown on Map Located Approx SE Corner of Section 3
... Saint Stephen's Church (Old) Cemetery (Section 7 on Map)(Marked but Unnamed)
... Saint Stephen's (New)Cemetery aka (Busse Cemetery) (YORK TOWNSHIP) (Section 8 on Map)(Marked but Unnamed)
... Universalist Cemetery Not Shown on Map No Location Given only "Manchester"(Photos)
... Wright's Corner Baptist Cemetery Marked but Un-named Section 35 on Map
... Wright's Corner Methodist Cemetery Marked but Un-named Section 2 on Map
... Zion Church Cemetery (Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery) (Section 29 on Map) Marked but unnamed)

There are 66 Cemeteries and Burial Places named in "Dearborn County, Indiana, Cemetery Records, Volume D" By Milton A. Massing. From that list, 24 were found containing information, located in Manchester Township (Shown Above)

Most of the links above, to the individual cemeteries have partial lists of interments, others may have photographs of the cemetery. If you can not find a surname you are looking for in the partial list, then contact Pete Nocks. He has the full set of 4 Volumes of "Dearborn County, Indiana, Cemetery Records" by Milton Massing. These books cover every township in Dearborn County, Except "Harrison, Logan, and Miller" Townships. These books contain Names of Cemeteries, Names of interments, Photographs, and other vital information
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