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Miller Township, Dearborn County Indiana

This is a list of the delegates for Miller Township for the 1859 Convention.
Source: The Lawrenceburg Register, July 17, 1859 edition.

Reuben Rogers
Joseph A. Jackson
L. D. Leming
... Georgetown Cemetery  (Section 22 on map)
... Pelley Cemetery(AKA-Pella)  (Section 29 on map)
... Sugar Ridge Cemetery aka Sugar Grove Cemetery  (Section 13 on map)
... Mount Pleasant Cemetery  (section 5 on Map)
... East Fork Stone Chapel  (Church) Cemetery (Section 17 on Map)
... Little Cedar Ridge Cemetery  (Section 3 on Map)
... West Fork Cemetery   (Section 19 On Map).

While Pelly/Pella Cemetery listed above is shown on the map to the right, however the real world does not use either of those names. Cambridge Cemetery is the actual name that it goes by. Signs and stones all use the name Cambridge Cemetery, as this was the original name. Cambridge Heritage Sign Dedication, last line explains the reason for the name change to Pella/Pelley.
Provided Courtesy of Volunteer Researcher---Mandi King

 Miller Township 

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