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Lawrenceburg Township, Dearborn County Indiana

This is a list of the delegates for Lawrenceburgh Township for the 1859 Convention.
Source: The Lawrenceburg Register, July 17, 1859 edition.

Gideon Renner
John Anderegg
T. J. Lucas
William Buchanan
James F. Vaughn
Josiah Jennison
Frederick Pflester
Henry Pierce
William C. Bryant
C. O'Brien
Puis(?) Frederick
Alex Beckman
John B. Garnier
D. M. Skinner

Talk about your summer resorts, where is there a more beautiful and pleasant place than Lawrenceburgh, with its magnificent parks, roomy thoroughfares, pure water, and superb, cool and healthy climate? This flourishing little city under the hills is truly "a thing of beauty and a joy forever."

Quoted from the July 7, 1892 Lawrenceburg Register

  Below are links with information concerning towns in Lawrenceburg Township.

The first three items were contributed by Barb Boese and were taken from the book:

By Rev. Judge A. J. Cotton, Philom.
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New Lawrenceburgh


CEMETERIES and BURIAL PLACES: In Lawrenceburg Township

... Greendale Cemetery(Section 10 on map)
Guard Family Cemetery Section 35 on Map
... Hardinsburg Cemetery
... Lawrenceburg Public aka Old Lawrenceburg or Newtown Cemeteries Please Read Cemetery Notes
... Miller-Hayes Cemetery Section 36 on map
... Pike-Gages Family Cemetery
... Rees Family Cemetery Section 21 on Map Marked but un-named ... PLEASE Read Cemetery Notes
... Saint Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery Section 5 on Map
... Wymond Family Cemetery

There are 10 Cemeteries and Burial Places named in "Dearborn County, Indiana, Cemetery Records, Volume A"  By Milton A. Massing. From that list, 6 were found in Lawrenceburg Township that contained other information, such as interments and photographs (Shown Above)

Most of the links above, to the individual cemeteries have partial lists of interments, others may have photographs of the cemetery. If you can not find a surname you are looking for in the partial list, then contact Pete Nocks. He has the full set of 4 Volumes of "Dearborn County, Indiana, Cemetery Records" by Milton Massing. These books cover every township in Dearborn County, Except "Harrison, Logan, and Miller" Townships. These books contain Names of Cemeteries, Names of interments, Photographs, and other vital information
  Lawrenceburg Township

... Creation of Lawrenceburg Township

... Original Land Sales of Lawrenceburg Township


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