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Caesar Creek Township, Dearborn County Indiana

This is a list of the delegates for Caesar Creek Township for the 1859 Convention.
Source: The Lawrenceburg Register, July 17, 1859 edition.

Benj. Hall
Fred. Leucking

Cole's Chapel -- Obituary and Family History
Coles Chapel Cemetery -- Photograph Caesar Creek Township
Coles Cemetery -- Interments

The first item below was contributed by Barb Boese and was taken from the book:

By Rev. Judge A. J. Cotton, Philom.

Thanks Barb!
There are 8 locations of cemeteries shown on the map on the right.
Only 3 of those cemeteries shown on map, are named:
... Mount Hebron Cemetery aka Pioneer Cemetery (Section 1)
... Rand Cemetery (Section 9)
... Saint Johns Cemetery (Section 33)

OTHER CEMETERIES(Locations may or may not be shown on the map);
Have not found an identity for the cemetery located at Farmers Retreat (Section 29)
... Cole Chapel Cemetery Unnamed on Map (Section 33[approx. intersection Bells Branch Road & Cutter Road])
... Henry Pate Family Cemetery ( Unnamed on Map{Section 3})
... McGuire Family Cemetery(Not shown on Map{approx. intersection of sections 8&9 on Clay Miller Road})
... Saint Paul Church Cemeteryaka "German or Pieper Cemetery" ( Unnamed on Map {Section 34 & 27}) See Cemetery Notes
... Charles Byrd Pate Gravesite (Unnamed on Map {Section 2})

There are 94 Cemeteries and Burial Places named in "Dearborn County, Indiana, Cemetery Records, Volume C" By Milton A. Massing. From that list, 8 were found containing information, located in Caesar Creek Township
(Shown Above)

Most of the links above, to the individual cemeteries have partial lists of interments, others may have photographs of the cemetery. If you can not find a surname you are looking for in the partial list, then contact Pete Nocks. He has the full set of 4 Volumes of "Dearborn County, Indiana, Cemetery Records" by Milton Massing. These books cover every township in Dearborn County, Except "Harrison, Logan, and Miller" Townships. These books contain Names of Cemeteries, Names of interments, Photographs, and other vital information

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