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Civil War Veterans from Odon and Madison Township

We Honor Our Troops

The following list was compiled by Dr. Jerome DeMotte, who spent years gathering the names for the 2 townships. Information generously sent in by Nancy Howell, with our thanks Dr. DeMotteā€s hard work and the names of those veterans will be preserved and remembered. Many of these were part of the Gettysburgs battle. Many were from General Hancock's Corps. A few were in the 27th Indiana Infantry and fought at Chancellorsville. William McNeely is the last of the Odon veterans.

Abraham, George
Ackerman, J.
Aishe, Dan
Allen, Logan
Anderson, Harlan
Arford, William
Atha, Levi
Baird, William
Ball, Johnny
Blough, Silas
Blough, Josiah
Breden, Rev. John
Briner, William
Brown, Thomas
Browning, Harrison
Caine, James
Callahan, Siotha
Carson, William
Chiles, Thomas
Cole, Sam
Cooper, Joe
Correll, Harve
Cox, William
Cravatt, William
Critchlow, George
Cunningham, Thomas
Cunningham, Alonzo
Cunningham, Wesley
Cunningham, Dan
Davis, Jonas
Dearmin, Dr. John
Dobbins, Sam
Dunlap, Richard
Dunlap, Levi
Dunlap, Sam
Dunlap, Ray
Edwards, James
Elswick, Gideon
Fisher, Abe
Fisher, Callahill
Freeman, Charley
Fretz, George
Gadberry, William
Garten, Capt. Z. V.
Garten, J. H.
Haig, John
Hannah, Joe
Hannah, Joe
Harmon, Ruben
Haverstock, Hiram Hayes, John
Hedrick, Dr. Wm. H.
Helm, Eli
Herndon, William
Herron, Robert
Hitchcock, John
Hogie, George
Hubbard, John
Hubbard, William
James, Dolin
Keck, Nelson
Kent, Sam
Kent, Austin
Ketchem, Lew
Kimball, William
Kimball, James
Kinnaman, Hiram
Kinnaman, James
Kinnaman, William
Kinnaman, Dora
Kinnaman, Emanuel
Kinnaman, Henry
Lamb, Parnelius
Lamb, Ike
Lane, Dr. A. K.
Lansford, Frank
Laughlin, J. D.
Ledgerwood, James
Littell, John L.
Litton, William
Loudermilk, James
Lutes, Gus
Lutes, Dot
Lutes, F. G.
Lutes, Charles
Malone, Sam, Sr.
McCarter, Daniel
McFarland, D. F.
McNabb, John
McNeely, William
Messick, James
Mills, Rev.
Mitchell, Dr. J. C.
Mowery, Leonard
O'Dell, John
O'Neal, George
Overton, Greene
Parham, Allen
Payne, Rev. James
Petty, George
Petty, Madison
Peyton, Cager
Phipps, John B.
Pruett, Dan
Pruett, Thomas
Pruett, James
Purdell, Mr.
Racer, William
Ragle, Alfred
Ramsey, Rueben
Reinhardt, William
Richardson, William
Ridenbark, Adam
Roberts, Daniel A.
Sare, John
Scott, Rev. A. C.
Sears, David
Sears, Peter
Sears, Barton Rice
Sears, James
Shears, Robert
Shively, Henry
Sims, Starlin
Smith, John W.
Sommers, Joe
Spurgeon, Charley
Stephenson, Ive
Stotts, John L.
Stotts, Robert Craig
Stout, Thomas
Strange, Henry
Stuffle, James
Tapp, Mr.
Taylor, J. P.
Taylor, Sam
Vest, A. J.
Vickers, Renz
Wallick, Hewitt
Wallick, Mike
Walls, Henry
Walton, Cyrus
Ward, P. S.
Ward, Leonard
Warner, Rev. John
Watson, James
Wayman, Levi
White, Capt. Jonathan
Whittock, J. W.
Williams, Brack
Wilson, Barton
Wirts, Tom
Wirts, William
Wymer, John
Young, John

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