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Civil War - Sixth Indiana Regiment Company C

We Honor Our Troops

Taken from the History of the Sixth Indiana Regiment, in the Three Month's Campaign in Western Virgina.
By A.J. Grayson

Captain Charles Childs
1st Lieutenant Richard W. Meredith
2nd Lieutenant Alanson Soloman
Sergeant George A Wilcox
Sergeant Charles B. Vantrees
Sergeant William A. Bodkin
Sergeant Seth R. McCormick
Corporal Joseph Grant
Corporal Elam Ritchey
Corporal Richard A. Graham
Corporal John B. Dunn
Musician Jesse Godwin
Musician George W. Berkshire
Private James P. Alford
Private Friend S. Allen
Private Archibald M. Auld
Private Albert G. Austin
Private Jesse Baker
Private James H. Berry
Private John H. Boyd
Private Robert R. Bratton
Private James Bruner
Private William M. Bruner
Private Thomas Bullock
Private John S. Canfield
Private Abraham W. Carnahan
Private William H. Chancellor
Private James S. Chapman
Private James M. Cook
Private Samuel S. Cox
Private John M. Creger
Private Patrick Curly
Private Phillip Dermody
Private Peter Eberle
Private Joseph FitzWilliams
Private Joseph D. Franklin
Private Henry H. Gilley
Private Henry Heiberger
Private Thomas Henry
Private William P. Hixon
Private Albert C. Johnson
Private John H. Lee
Private Silsberry Lloyd
Private Leonard Martin
Private Benton McCafferty
Private Green McDonald
Private James L. Meads
Private Charles R. Milholland
Private Mathew P. Raper
Private John Riter
Private John Robery
Private Daniel Roth
Private Thomas J. Smith
Private Warner G. Smoot
Private James G. Spencer
Private John C. Stanley
Private William B Stewart
Private James D. Suter
Private Thomas W. Swaunigen
Private Joseph G. Scott (died July 25, 1861, en Route home)
Private William M. Taylor
Private Edward E. Thurber
Private Montraville Tricket
Private Darius C. Wallace
Private John G. Wallace
Private James P. Wallace
Private Willis E. Wallace
Private Justice A. Wallace
Private Nicholas F. Wallace
Private William W. Weaver
Private Andrew J.W. Williams
Private Charles F. Wilson
Private Thomas J. Wilson
Private Elliot Worrell
Private William H. Wood
Private William M. Wynn

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