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Marriage Affidavits Clay County, Indiana, to 1852


Published below is a list of affidavits attesting to Clay County marriages that took place before or during 1852. 

After the original marriage records were destroyed in the courthouse fire on November 30,1851,Clay County 

marriages prior to that time were recorded by affidavit. Since a marriage could not be recorded unless the persons 

involved arranged for it, the list published here undoubtedly does not include all Clay County marriages that 

occurred by 1852. The original affidavits are recorded in a volume at the County Clerk's Office, Brazil, Indiana. 

The list given here was compiled from a microfilm copy of the affidavits which is filed at the Genealogy Division,

Indiana State Library,Indianapolis.


Dates preceded by "lic." refer to the day the marriage license was issued. 


All other dates given are the day of marriage. Page numbers refer to the page on which the affidavit appears in 

the Clay County record book in which it is recorded.


In some of the affidavits, the date of the marriage license or of the marriage is given as "on or about" a certain day. In the

compilation printed here, each of these doubtful dates is marked by a dagger. (note: I will use the + sign)



William (K?) Houston        Jane Miles                      lic. April 30,1849             p. 7 (1)
Enos Miles                  Caroline B. Osborn              lic. Aug 11, 1851                 7
Jesse Fuller                Susan Thorp                     lic. Nov.16,1845+ (2)             8
George Pinckly              Rebecca Williams                lic. Jan. 30,1838+                9
Redman Jones                Elizabeth Smith                 lic. Aug. 27,1844+                10
Andrew H. Turner            Starlin Peyton                       Nov. 2, 1852 +               11
John Latham                 Sophia D. Nees                              1852                  12
William B. Parker           Martha E. Linley                lic. Oct. 6,1851+                 13
Alvin B. Thorp              Sarah Tribble                         Feb. 1,1849+                14
Samuel Auston Edmondson     Elizabeth Freedly                   Oct.or Nov.1849               15
Michael McCullough          Eliza Jane Zenor                      Sept.1,1842                 16
Squire L. Case              Nancy Acrea                           Nov. 24,1842                17
William Blunk               Catherine Arnold                      Jan. 2,1844                 18
Burley E. Tilley            Hetta Helton                          Sept.11,1844                19
David T. Walker             Mary Ann Cromwell                     Oct. 17,1844                20
William L. Cromwell         Susan Rizley                          Oct.31,1844                 21
Absalom B. Wheeler          Jane Lowdermilk                       Mar 2,1845                  22
James Sparks                Elizabeth Walker                      Sept.25,1845                23
Elisha B. Peyton            Mahalia Walker                        Nov.13,1845                 24
James Deal                  Hannah Case                           Feb.2,1846                  25
David T. Sparkes            Susan E. Walker                       Oct.(14?),1846              26
George Drake                Eliza Ann Gildea                      Apr.23,1846                 27
Elias Helton                Susannah Tilley                       Aug.28,1846                 28
Linsey Stinson              Sally Ann Graves                      Dec.27,1846                 29
John Eades                  Delila Ann Killion                    Feb.1,1847                  30
Oliver Cromwell, Jr.        Elizabeth Walker                      May 9,1847                  31
David Parker                Nancy Payne                           Feb.18,1847                 32
John Mills                  Sarah Cromwell                        March 25,1847               33
Charles Welburn             Mary Long                             Aug.13,1847                 34
Daniel D. Walker            Elizabeth Ann Rizley                  Oct.14,1847                 35
Wiliam Walker               Mary Jane Phipps                      Aug.3,1848                  36
Robert McIntire             Alley Carter                          Oct.3,1848                  37
Samuel C. Blunk             Rachel Ann Hues                       Oct.21,1848                 38
George W. Reed              Elizabeth Eddy                        Nov.16,1848                 39
Benjamin (Gamere?)          Amanda Crowmwell                      July 29,1849             pg.40
James P. Hickman            Sally Ann Scamahorn                   Aug. 19,1849                41
Aaron Stark                 Lydia Elen Wilson                     Aug. 27,1849                42
John D. Mace                Sally Ann Zenor                       Dec. 2,1849                 43
Charles N. Mills            Sarah Roberts                         Oct. 27,1849                44
William McCullough          Elizabeth Mace                        Nov. 7,1850                 45
Jared P. Peyton             Mariah H. Walker                      Nov.28,1850                 46
Laban Latham                Mary Ann Parker                       Dec. 26,1850                47
Edmond Butt(or Bull)        Jane Mace                             Dec.29,1850                 48
Hezekiah Wheeler            Effy Harp                             July 20,1851                49
William Anderson            Dorcas Hinote                         Sept.28,1851                50
George Hantwerk             Susan Lints                           Nov.  3,1851                51
Ananias W. Lowdermilk       Frances Wheeler                       Jan.25,1851                 52
Dillon W. Bridges,Jr.       Lucinda Davis                         Sept.3,1850                 54
John Dalgarn                Harriet Phegley                       (n.d.)                      55
Jonathan M. Parker          Eliza Latham                          March,1851                  56
Michael Myers               Charlotte Latham                      Aug.1846                    57
Andrew H. Nees              Martha Slack                          Nov.1848                    58
John Oswalt                 Eupha Latham                          Dec.1845                    59
William Zenor               Elizabeth Latham                      Mar.1839                    60
West Myers                  Cloah Cromwell                        May,1835                    61
Henry Gilbreach             Martha Crafton                        Sept.24,1850 +              62
Shallum Thomas              Mary Stigler                          Dec.1,1831   +              63
William Thomas              Betsey Godwin                         Nov.1,1830   +              65
Hiram Rizley                Louisa Parish                         Nov.1,1826   +              66
Bird Light                  Catharine Lake                        Jan 3,1828   +              67
Levi Walker                 Drusilla Thomas                       Mar.2,1838   +              68
Luke Dyer                   Olive Hicks                           Oct.17,1826  +              69
James A. Pickard            Sarah Luther                     lic. May 23,1850              pg 93
William Anderson            Barbary Neese                         Sept.24,1835                94
Washington Neese            Leah Anderson                         Jan.1836                    95
William Nees                Martha Birchfield                     Dec.23,1838   +             96
David Coble                 Mary Ann Margaret McIntire            Jan.17,1833   +             98
William Drake               Elizabeth McIntire                    June 22,1831                99
Thompson Boothe             Huldah Thomas                         June 7,1831   +             100
Isaac Mace                  Delana Acre                           Dec.21,1832   +             101
William M. Acre             Pherable Walker                       Dec.12,1832   +             102
Philip Nelson               Margaret Nees                                1838                 103
Luke Anderson               Nancy Hinote                          June,1839                   105
Nathan D. Walker            Sarah Rizley                          May 1,1838                  106
James P. Thomas             Barbary Barnett                       Fall,1828 or 1829           107
Isaac N. Morris             Naomi A. Witty                  lic.  Aug 26,1849   +             108
Isaaac N. Morris            Nancy A. Witty                  lic.  Oct.26,1852   +             109
Milo Hoyt                   Isabella Barrett                      Apr.1849                    112
Henry Nees                  Mary Ann Wright                       Apr.18,1847                 114
Baldwin H. Witty            Elizabeth Walker                      March 7,1837                115
James B. Reed               Nancy Jane Miller                     Feb.29,1844   +             116
                                      (note: I can't tell if this is the 20 or the 29)
John Linn                   Mary Alexander                        1848    1849                120
Elias Cooprider             Polley Lankford                       Oct.13,1832   +             122
Oliver Cromwell             Nancy L. Bybee                        Aug.1831                    125
Herod Rizley                Merom Ramsey                          Sept.1831                   126
Samuel Long                 Arra Carroll                          1840                        128
Morgan B. Ringo             Mary Ann McKinley                     Fall,1842                   129
Edmund Phigley              Rebecca Lucas                         Dec.11,1845                 131
Isom D. Yocom               Mary Wilson                           May 1841      +             132
Francis B. Yocom            Rhoda Webster                         July 11,1833  +             133
George W. Randall           Nancy J. Peyton                   lic.Aug 23,1850   +          pg 70
Charles Rheile              Amelia Wittenberg                     Apr.(1851?)                 71
David S. Grimes             Caroline Pickard                      Aug.7,1852                  73
Samuel S. Baily             Eliza E. Ness                         Dec.1836                    75
David Kimery                Sarah Ann Turner                      Nov.1845                    76
William Slack               Margury Lowdermilk                    Jan.10,1833                 77
John T. Alexander           Esther Denny                          Dec.1832                    78
James T. Alexander          Cyntha Ann Downing                    Jan.1839                    79
Ransalaer Horton            Sarah Dalton                          June 29,1836                80
George H. Alexander         Sarah E. Buckallew                    Aug.1843                    81
William L. Alexander        Ann Alexander                         May 1840                    82
Owen D. Cromwell            Huldah Rizley                         July 1837                   83
John Bybee*                 Mary Drake                            Setp.1838                   84
Note:the heading of the affidavit gives Bybee's first name as "John."
In the affidavit itself,however,his name appears as "Thomas John."

George M. Alexander         Sophiah Ann Vanmeter                   Feb.1847                   85
James Dalgarn               Margaret Booth                         Mar.1842                   86
Thomas Drake                Mariah Bybee                           Jan. 1841                  87
Wesley M. Peyton            Nancy Chance                           Sept.1829                  88
James Anderson              Elizabeth Cagle                        Nov.1832                   89
Robert Anderson             Lydia Cagle                            Jan. 1836                  90

Compiled and edited by Carolynne Wendel
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