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First, I would like to apologize to all Boone County researchers. This site should have been online and functioning last year. I am working and creating web pages and will post them as they are finished. There will be links that won't be working properly. The best thing to do is go to "What's New" and you will find the most recent databases and information that has been posted. If anyone has a question or comment send to me here.

This website is being redone page by page. Go to the What's New page to see what information has been posted.

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In June, 1996, a group of genealogists organized the Indiana Comprehensive Genealogy Database. The idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in Indiana, where collected databases would be stored. In addition, the databases would be indexed and cross-linked, so that even if an individual were found in more than one county, they could be located in the index. At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the webpage.

Boone County was named in honor of Daniel Boone, the noted Kentucky hunter and pioneer. The county was organized on April 1, 1830, when there were only 622 citizens in the county. Lebanon was chosen as the name of the county seat.