(Handwritten date:  Monday, January 8, 1951)


   (Photo)  Harry Sprunger, 56, manager of Sprunger, Lehman and Company and also an executive of the Dunbar Furniture Manufacturing Corporation of Indiana, died at 6:00 p.m. Sunday at the Adams County Memorial hospital following a brief illness.

(Karin King note:  Harry Sprunger is buried at MRE cemetery, Berne, Indiana)


(Handwritten date:  Monday, January 8, 1951)


   Miss Pauline Muselman cabled to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Muselman, that she arrived at Esmeraldas, Ecuador, South America, on Saturday morning, January 5.  She was met at the dock by Mr. and Mrs. Dale Moser and Miss Pauline Wanner with whom she will be engaged in mission work.  Miss Muselman was accompanied to New Orleans by her parents who drove in the family car, leaving here on December 24.  Her brother, Arthur, drove the truck containing her goods.  She embarked on the S.S. Moshill, a banana boat owned by Estrella Fruit Company on Saturday, December 30, her parents and brother seeing her off.  Miss Muselman occupied the boat cabin in which Mrs. Wm. A. Sunday of Winona Lake was an occupant during a trip to South America two weeks previously.  Mrs. Sunday is now on a broadcasting program at the Quito, Ecuador radio station.



(Handwritten date:  Wednesday, May 9, 1951)




   A baby girl was born to Howard and Beulah Bertsch Schwartz this morning at the Bluffton Clinic hospital.  The child weighed 6 pounds, 14 1/2 ounces and was named Sharon Rose.  Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Schwartz and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kaehr (crossed out and handwritten ' Bertsch') are the grandparents.



(Handwritten date:  Wednesday, May 16, 1951)



David D. Hofstettler, 90, Dies At Nappanee; Had 219 Descendants


   David D. Hofstettler, 90, of near Nappanee, died Saturday morning and funeral services were held Monday.  He was the father of Mrs. Daniel A. Schwartz of north of Berne.  He was the father of 10 children, six of whom married.  Mr. Schwartz [sic] is also survived by 50 grandchildren and the amazing total of 154 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren.

   Sam Nussbaum, local businessman, took a number of relatives to the funeral Monday.  Among them were Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Schwartz,  Mr. and Mrs. Levi Schwartz,  Peter A. Schwartz and Joseph P. Schwartz.  Two other auto loads from here also attended the rites.


(Karin King note:  Death certificate & gravestone spell his last name Hochstetler; buried Weldy Amish Cemetery, Elkhart Co., Indiana)


Adams County, Indiana Historical Society

1933-1953 Scrapbook - Image 59-60

Transcribed by Karin King