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Martz or Steverson Cemetery

The memory of most men is an abandoned cemetery where lie, unsung and unhonored, the dead whom they have ceased to cherish.
Any lasting grief is reproof to their forgetfulness.

~Marguerite Yourcenar

"Abandoned Cemetery located 1 mile east then 1 mile south of Monroe, Indiana, back in a field on the Joseph Schwartz farm, Monroe Township. Copied September 22, 1959.
The plot fenced in is three times the size of the space occupied by these graves, so there may have been more buried here but no grave markers now."
~Inscriptions from Miscellaneous Cemeteries in Adams County, Indiana by Electa Lochner

Posted 8/2/2016; updated 7/15/2018
Martz or Steverson/Stevenson Cemetery
Surname First Name (Maiden) Birth Date Death Date Age at death Spouse
Marriage Date
Parents Military Obit
Martz Catherine 11/11/1807* 2/3/1884 76y 2m 23d Henry
Martz Henry 6/17/1793* 5/29/1870 76y 11m 12d War of 1812 veteran
Steverson S??tanda E 2/28/1830* 1/9/1833 2y 10m 11d G & E
Steverson John N 8/1/1844* 9/5/1855 11y 1m 4d G & E
Steverson Charles 2/20/1825* 3/12/1877 52y 20d GAR maker
Steverson Esther 8/18/1828 5/27/1909 80y 9m 9d

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